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Fill in a couple of form fields, select tone and audience and create consistent, on point, ready-to-go media release in minutes.

Structured Prompt Template

Fill in our prompt tempalte and create professional, ready-to-go media releases

Save hours

Safe hours of proof reading and iterations on your media release.

Upload content

Upload PDF files and let the AI copy the style of a example media release or create use the content as input and create a media release (press release)

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As a PR specialist, I've been floored by the efficiency of HeyBob's press release tool. Feeding it a few of my past articles allows it to grasp and emulate my writing style with uncanny precision. This not only streamlines creating impactful press releases but also ensures a consistent voice across all my publications. HeyBob is an indispensable tool that's revolutionized how I work.

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Benefits of the Email Prompt Builder

  • Easy to use

    Don't scratch your head writing the perfect prompt. Just fill in the form and let Bob do the heavy lifting.

  • Consistent results

    Consistent detailed input == consistent correct output. Be on point for your readers.

  • killer feature

    Use unstructured content

    Insert a bullet list of topics to cover or ask Bob to convert a pile of PDF files in easy to read press releases.

  • Time saver

    Save a tonne of time with our Press Release prompt builder + Press Release GPT to create awesome content.

  • Livesafer

    Bob has server dyslexic but with the prompt builder and AI he writes the most outstanding Press Releases.

  • Ready to send

    The results is to 98% ready to go. Just make sure you read over it and polish the edges.

  • Dedicated GPT

    We build a dedicated GPT for the Press Release Prompt and in the background is the OpenAI 4 Turbo model to generate your Press Release.

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If you're at the helm of an up-and-coming business or organization or navigating the bumpy roads of entrepreneurship, you recognize the power of a well-crafted press release. It's your key to unlocking the media's attention and shining a spotlight on the remarkable strides your business is making.

Give HeyBob a Try

We offer a tonne of prompt builders to get you started on the AI journey. Or you are already a prompt pro you can just use our Expert Models for Email, Blog, Press Release and so on.

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