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As the founder of a busy startup, communicating effectively with stakeholders is critical to our success. With HeyBob's Email Prompt Builder, I've been able to draft very sophisticated emails that resonate with my audience in minutes. It's like having a professional writer at my side at all times. This tool is a game-changer for anyone looking to elevate their email communication.

Max Pabinger Co-Founder TrendMover

Max Pabinger

Co-Founder TrendMover

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Benefits of the Email Prompt Builder

  • Easy to use

    Don't scratch your head writing the perfect prompt. Just fill in the form and let Bob do the heavy lifting.

  • Consistent results

    Consistent input == consistent output. Make it easy for the recipeints to read your emails.

  • killer feature

    Use unstructured content

    Insert a bullet list of topics to cover or ask Bob to convert a pile of PDF files in wonderful structured emails.

  • Time saver

    Write important emails e.g. company communication in minutes instead of spending hours with multiple interations.

  • Livesafer

    Bob has server dyslexic but with the prompt builder and AI he writes the most outstanding Emails. 

  • Ready to send

    The results is to 98% ready to go. Just make sure you read over it and polish the edges.

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Honing the Art of Perfect Business Emails with AI Assistance5 min read

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you are well aware that the art of communication is a key aspect of your success. Your emails, in particular, are often the first impression that stakeholders, including customers and suppliers, have of your business.

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We offer a tonne of prompt builders to get you started on the AI journey. Or you are already a prompt pro you can just use our Expert Models for Email, Blog, Press Release and so on.

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