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Create awesome stickers in seconds. Use in your presentation, work, avatar images, etc. or print and delight your kid(s).

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What are the benefits?

  • 25s creation time per sticker

    A designer will take 1 hour to create the sticker; availability consider the turn around might be days.

  • 99.99% cheaper

    One sticker cost 50 cookies == $0.033 and assuming $100 per hour for the designer you will save 99.99%.

  • 24/7 available

    Bob never sleeps, even Chuck Norris gave up and blinked. Create a sticker whenever you feel like it. 

4 Simple Steps

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Building a Sticker Business with AI

AI is awesome but still scratching your head where and how to use it? We started a Spin Off and are building a Buisness using AI wherever we can! 

Sticker Business

We are using the new Sticker Maker to create the stickers (aka product)

Using Best Start Up Practises

The Lean Start Up, Measure what Matters, Start with Why and Company of One are at it's core

Documenting our Progress

We are documenting what we are doing. Have a look at our Notion "Project Sticky"

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Give HeyBob a Try

We offer a tonne of prompt builders to get you started on the AI journey. Or you are already a prompt pro you can just use our Expert Models for Email, Blog, Press Release and so on.

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